Actively interviewing for Software Engineer

D'OH! You found me. I'm Jiadi Hou and I come from China.

I love solving challenging problems and I'm motivated to learn new skills and techniques. At this moment, I'm learning to use HTML and CSS to build this personal page. As I have little experience developing the front end, I encountered lots of obstacles. Most of the problems are how to properly place and align elements on a page. It's not an easy task but through searching and trials and errors, I gradually know more about the language and its components. And when I solve the problem, it feels awesome! It's a lot of fun exploring what I can achieve with new and known skills.

I enjoy interacting with computers. It brings me sense of accomplishment when tons of tasks may take me several days by hand, but the computer can finish them in a blink! That's one of the reasons, and the most important one, why I love coding: it makes our life easier.

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